Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why is Online Video Marketing so Popular?

The following article takes a close overview in how exactly online video marketing has the power to facilitate and add aggregated value to the marketing operations of any company.

Great whiteboard animated videos created by Danish through the amazing potential of video marketing. Let’s analyze how the majority of average people spend their day. Approximately one third of the world’s population is online, with an average of two thirds of those people online researching what they want to buy before they buy it. Most Americans begin their research by doing price comparisons, researching quality among retailers and reading reviews of the products that they want to buy. Most of them also start making their purchase decisions and conclusions entirely based on what information is available in the internet.

What has this to do with Online Video?
Almost all internet users use search engines to research products online. Most brands wonder about how to get the first ranking in the top of search engines. This is where precisely online video kicks in. Search engines by default put a higherranking on video and content that has video on it more than in any other form of content category or media. The easiest way for a brand to achieve the top ranking is to use video.

How important are Blogging and Social Media for business-related marketing activities?
The basic answer is very important given that video is the most popular and successful way to distribute content among the internet and to engage user interaction. Why should you focus on social sites than on email? 
According to recent statistics, US internet users spend over thrice as much time on social sites and blogs than they do on email. The social media components in the US have grown over 350% in the last 7 years, these statistics cannot be definitely be taken for granted. Gaining customers and obtaining more market share is definitely achievable when creating video and distributing video content within the internet.

Does video have anything else to offer?
Much more. Accessibility to video and the flexibility to carry it on-the-go is the best kind of convenience that can be brought to an audience. Engaging customers on their laptops, mobile phones, tablets and any other outlet is something that audiences love. Statistics state that over 4 billion people in the world use a mobile phone, yet less than 4 billion actually use a toothbrush. This leads to conclude that people are more prone to investigate content on a mobile phone than in any other kind of electronic device.

To reach out to a massive crowd, it is then important to create a brand that is easily accessible and located in a place where you can have all sorts of people coming through. What other best way than online video, especially amazing whiteboard animationvideos to achieve this goal?

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