Thursday, December 19, 2013

Animated whiteboard video software update - More user friendly and more feature

Have you try Animated Whiteboard Video Software ? 

If not well you can try it for free at here. Currently video whiteboard video software was release update for the software. Many improvement to the interface, panel, scroll ball multiple selection of elements, better browsing – as well as a much cleaner way to save your scribes. New features include novel line styles, WMV format, and high definition for education users. And most important is more user friendly although you have no experience before with whiteboard animation software or videoscribe.

Improvements and new features Animated whiteboard video software 

Select multiple elements in the timeline

Select multiple elements in a scribe timeline and move them together with the keyboard arrows.
Just like your operating system, you can hold the SHIFT key and click to select a range of elements, or do the same with the CTRL key to select elements that are apart.

New line effects: cutting, zipping, sewing

There are three new line drawing styles for you to spice up your scribe videos:
  1. Slice
  2. Sew
  3. Zip
New VideoScribe line styles

Save scribes easily

Instead of the green ribbon to save scribes online or offline, there is now a save button. The button allows you to set the scribe name and choose online or offline saving.
The save button also works as a ‘save as’ function. By changing the name of an existing scribe, a new, amended version is created without modifying the old one.
Also, when you save a scribe, it no longer closes. The scribe remains open for you to work on it.

Scroll bars!

Scroll through vertical and horizontal lists using scroll bars. Much faster and easier to use.

Improved library panel

The new library panel makes it easier to find content for your scribes. Choose between content categories, your own hard drive, Dropbox or fifty suggestions from all the libraries.
You can now use your operating system’s window to browse through images on your computer if you prefer.
Click on the tags of a selected element to search for similar elements in all the libraries.

Export video as WMV

You can now export videos in Windows Media Video format (.wmv). Great if you use Windows and want to add a scribe to a PowerPoint presentation.

HD output for education licences

If you use VideoScribe in education, you can now create high definition videos.

Quick-look audio icons in the timeline

See at a glance what music or voiceovers are in your scribe with new icons in the timeline.

Bugs fixed

Video rendering quality

We have improved the quality of video rendering.

Move-in feature restored

The move-in feature works as it should.

Adobe Illustrator file changes

Adobe has amended the XML code behind SVG files in Illustrator. We have made changes to ensure that you can still import and export SVG files between VideoScribe and the new version of Illustrator.

Canvas objects render and draw faster

The way that elements are drawn on the canvas has been improved. Rendering, zooming and the final draw are all faster.

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