Saturday, July 20, 2013

Animated Whiteboard - Tips to Improve Your Success With Whiteboard Animation Videos

Some of you might already familiar with whiteboard animation. This is the process where creative story and storyboard with pictures are drawn on whiteboard. It is not always whiteboard but it can be something which resembles whiteboard. The process is performed by the artists to record the process of artwork. Nowadays, the process is helped by software which automates the process. The actual effect of the process is time lapse or stop motion. The artists can also use actual animation but it is very rare. Other terms for the process are video scribing and animated doodling. You might see various video animation styles and all variations have taken a turn into other animation styles. If you are already familiar with whiteboard animation, you might also know about whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation videos can be seen mostly throughout the internet. You might see the videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. The style is also highly used in TV spots. A unique style which is used for the first time in TV spot was UPS Whiteboard Commercials. There are many companies and firms of all sectors and size which are using the style into their modus operandi. Whiteboard animation videos are also used to learn languages for educational purposes. Many companies are also using the videos to teach different company policies for their company employees. The usages of the videos for other educational purposes are demonstrating the new software or product to the consumers and used as chapter summaries for educational textbooks.

If you are wondering what the animated whiteboard videos look like, the content of the video is drawn by hand. The camera angle used to record the video is displaying the canvas or whiteboard from the birds eye view or above the canvas area. The artist can draw letter or graphic onto the whiteboard. The only part which is shot on the camera is the artist’s hands and the pen used to draw.

When the artists have completed their drawings, the video will be sped up considerably. It will give the effect that the hand is drawing the image or text onto the canvas. Why you should use whiteboard animation videos? The main reason is because the videos are different than other videos. The videos have the ability to engage your audience more proactively. People who are working with website can take advantage of this video. In case your business is using video as sales tool, you will find the benefits of using the videos. Whiteboard animation videos are also useful as teaching aid. Some people are using the videos to convey short and engaging messages for their audience. According to the people who have used the videos, the videos are proven to increase their selling.

After knowing the usage and the benefit of whiteboard animation videos, you might be wondering where you can get the service to create them. There are many websites and companies which provide the service to create the video. You can hire their service to create the best videos for your company’s needs. However, you should know first that their service is not cheap. You can get charged for several hundred dollars for two minute production.

The price might be shocking for some of you. It is indeed expensive but it is completely worthy with its efficiency. However, if you cannot afford it, you can go with another alternative which is creating the whiteboard animation video by your own. There are many online software programs which are available in the internet. You can use those programs to create the best video. If you are thinking of hiring the service, you should get the idea on its price. There are many video producers which will charge $1,000 for a minute of speed drawing explaining and animation. This fee is without script, music, and voice. provides the Whiteboard Animation Video Service for the affordable price. Click here to find out


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